Drone Lab sponsors pilots who we feel are exceptionally capable, interesting, or fantastic personalities. If you are interested in joining the sponsored pilots program and feel you having something to offer, please get in touch.

Mat Hellier: “Mat HELL YEAH!”
Facebook /  Youtube
UK Ranking: BFPVRA UK Nationals B-Finalist
Mat Hellier has been flying Drone Lab batteries since day 1. Mat is a true rising star of the UK drone scene. After years of showing up for each and every available race, Mat now stands proud among the very best the UK has to offer.


Adam Gooch: “Goochi”
Facebook /  Youtube
UK Ranking: BFPVRA UK Nationals B-Finalist
Goochi is a well known and exceptional pilot on the UK scene. Highly active and respected on the social circuit, you can find Goochi weighing in on just about any FPV related discussion. Goochi competes at the highest levels, and can be found at race days any given weekend.


Chris Knight: “Special-K”
UK Ranking: BFPVRA UK Nationals A-Finalist
Chris Knight is one of the best pilots not just in the UK, but in the world. Heading into the UK nationals Chris is among the favourites for silverware, having already racked up an impressive collection of trophies throughout the FPV season.