Evolved Range

“This battery is truly a Evolution in the Dronelab lineup, and hitting the ranking at a strong 1st place, in the 1500mAh class, (just behind the R-Line 1550mAh) at the time of the test! ” -Lipobench.de

Evolved batteries are available to retailers in any capacity, cell cent, or format. OEM branding is available for international customers.

The Evolved range of batteries released in September 2017 represents the latest in LiPo technology, and the culmination of nearly a year of research and development here at Drone Labs.

These latest Evolved batteries from Drone Lab are now based on an all new graphene based chemistry designed for maximising lifespan, while providing the smallest possible voltage droop even under the most demanding of loads.

These batteries have been in testing for months, both of the race track and in our German testing laboratory. We are highly confident in saying that these batteries offer performance and robustness unmatched by anything else available in the industry right now.

You may also notice there is no published C rating on the battery. Drone Lab feels that C-ratings have grown dishonest, with almost every major battery seller using falsified numbers with no real bearing in reality. From the perspective of the customer C ratings are actually fairly awkward and require complex sums to figure out which battery suits any given drone. By giving a simple maximum amperage discharge Drone Lab have made it far easier for the end user to figure out if a battery can handle their drone, avoided the use of misleading C ratings.

This amperage rating differs from a C rating in that it does not relate to the maximum current without a drop in voltage, but relates to the maximum current a user can burst draw from the battery without altering the chemistry, it is not a sustained figure. See the battery info sheets for specific discharge amperage at given voltages over time.

The batteries are resistant to swelling, and have an expected life time of up to 300 cycles under normal usage conditions, defined as a 1C charge and a 30C discharge.

The battery sports Drone Lab’s normal unobtrusive sticker style, with a red XT60 connector and black balance connector.

For a full independent review see here.

1500MaH 4s DroneLab Evolved Datasheet